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Blending Consonants Bingo- Beat The Elephant

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Beat The Elephant is played in a similar manner to traditional Bingo. This bingo game is played by three players who take turns to turn over the cards and match what’s on the card to what’s on their board. If the card features a piece of the elephant, the card must be placed on the elephant game board. The aim of the game is for the children to complete their game boards before the picture of the elephant is complete on the elephant game board.Beat The Elephant will provide a delightful way for beginner readers to reinforce their recognition of the following initial consonants; br, cr, cl, dr, gr, sk, sl, sp, st, tr.

Contents include: 4 durable, wipe-clean mats

Measures: 25 cm x 33.5 cm and 81 durable playing cards.

Instructions translated in 8 languages: German, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and French.

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