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Stationary Set - Yarrawala

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Stationery lovers, unite! This super lovely stationery set is the perfect gift option for kids who love to get their ideas on paper. Gorgeous for school or home, it will bring joy into the everyday. With A4 and A5 lined books for writing and an A6 plain book for dreaming and doodling, a ballpoint pen and a retractable pencil, you've got all basics covered! Best partnered with matching pencil cases, stationery and backpacks for the complete eye-catching look!

Yarrawala is the original painting of then 16 year old emerging Kalkadoon Aboriginal artist Brooke Sutton, produced in collaboration with Spencil. The dusty palette and radiant rainbows (Yarrawala in Kalkadoon) whisk us to a Dreamtime land where happy kookaburras chuckle as they soar above our great and beautiful earth.



29.5cm x 21cm x 3cm


Key Features

  • A4 120pg FSC spiral notebook with lined pages
  • A5 120pg FSC spiral notebook with lined pages
  • A6 96pg FSC spiral notebook with blank pages
  • Rectractable pencil
  • Ballpoint pen

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