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Olli Ella

Dinky Dinkum Dolls - Fluffle

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Why You’ll Love It:

Bouncing into playtime (and Easter Baskets), the Dinky Dinkum Fluffle Family are here to add a dash of cheeky charm to your little one’s day. Limited-edition, pocket-sized, and weighted in all the right snuggly places, the Fluffles are ready for any adventure! 



·       Keep your eyes peeled for collectable velveteen stickers. 

·       Snuggly non-removable onesies.

·       Posable body with gentle weighting inside. Body is made from cotton and polyester 

·       Turn your Rattan Bunny Luggy or Rattan Berry Basket into a home for the Dinky Fluffles.

·       Keep track of your growing Dinky Dinkum Collection with a printable collector card

·       This product is tested and compliant with 0+ standards. Olli Ella recommends the supervision of infants and children with their toys at all times. Regularly inspect the toy for wear and tear.

·       Suitable for ages 18-months+

Dimensions & Weight:

Dimensions: Dinky Dinkums
L 22cm x W 12cm x H 8cm

Weight: 0.16kg

Product Care:

·       Cold gentle machine wash in a laundry bag.

·       Remove from bag and lay flat to dry in the shade.

·       Do not bleach, soak or rub.

·       Not suitable to tumble dry, iron, or dry clean.


Made In:

·       Designed in Australia, manufactured in China.


Q. How many Fluffles are there? 

A. There are six Dinky Dinkum Fluffles – Babbit, Babs, Basil, Bella, Bobbin, and Bucky. Collect them all and check them off with our printable collector card. 


Q. What ages are Dinky Dinkum Blossom Buds for?  

A. Dinky Dinkum Blossom Buds are designed with safety in mind. They are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials and have passed rigorous safety testing to ensure they meet all the necessary standards for infants 0+. However, due to small parts, Olli Ella recommends this product for children 18 months and older.


Q. Do you have additional accessories or outfits available for the Dinky Dinkum Fluffles? 

A. No, Dinky Dinkums each come dressed in a non-removable onesie. But they can be carried in a Dinkum Dolls Carrier, Carry Cot, Strolley, or basket of choice! 


Q. How is doll play beneficial for young children? 

A. Dolls play a significant role in children's development by encouraging nurturing and imaginative play. They help kids develop empathy and social skills as they role-play caregiving scenarios. Dolls also stimulate creativity and language development as children engage in storytelling and conversation with their little friends. Additionally, they provide a sense of security and comfort, supporting emotional well-being during various stages of childhood.

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