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G is for Gugunyal: A Dhurga Alphabet Book

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G is for Gugunyal: A Dhurga alphabet book helps new speakers pronounce the 24 sounds used in Dhurga language. It complements The Dhurga Dictionary and Learner’s Grammar: A south-east coast NSW Aboriginal language.Dhurga is one of four traditional languages of the south coast of New South Wales. It was spoken by Yuin (Yuwinj) people between Nowra and Narooma, and as far inland as Braidwood and Araluen. Our language connects us to our people and our physical world. Traditional languages are being reclaimed and spoken across Australia. Fragments of Dhurga were kept by Elders and in books. Dhurga was sleeping; but is now being taught, learned and spoken by Yuin people.The beautiful illustrations help readers to learn the 24 Dhurga sounds. They also introduce important land and marine animals, and other creatures of the south coast that are part of local creation and dreaming stories, and Lore.A QR code allows readers to hear the book’s Dhurga sounds and words spoken by a Yuin Elder.

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