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KandoKutter wooden adults knife

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Learning how to prepare food is an essential skill. But traditional kitchen knives can be difficult to use and the risk of accidental knife slips puts many people off prepping and cooking their own food at home.

KandoKutter allows people to prepare their own food without the worry of cuts and injury. Our safe kitchen knife for adults is designed to cut through all types of food – from tomatoes to steak – while keeping fingers safe.

These kitchen knives are suitable for people experiencing a range of disabilities, including low vision, limited dexterity or impairment as a result of stroke or acquired brain injury.

Made from stainless steel with natural wood handle.

Suitable for left or right handers.

Handwash only

Blade length: 15cm, Handle length: 14cm, Total length: 29cm

To keep your  KandoKutter looking it’s best, we suggest you give it a wipe over with some coconut oil or olive oil from time to time.

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