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Mindful and Co

Patience Pebbles

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These Patience Pebbles will bring a calming effect into your family home as your little one discovers the art of mindfulness through play.

Core Benefits:

✔ Fosters creativity, imagination and free play

✔ Builds resilience, patience and independence

✔ Teaches cause and effect

Pause, engage and breathe in rare, quiet times where everything else stands still. Now, it’s just you and your little one playing, creating, and learning with our Patience Pebbles. Littlies can build their own castle, rocket ship, or let their imagination soar!

Thoughtfully carved from wood, and beautifully boxed in sustainable packaging, they are the eco-friendly gifting choice for your little love, niece, nephew, grandchild or friend. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous, sustainable gift that your child will love.

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